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Four reasons
for Romeo’s
Irreproachable service

It is very important for us to make you feel like home, and that means our main serves policy rules are unobtrusiveness, courtesy and attentiveness. The waiters have expert knowledges about the menu, which contains more than a hundred of titles and a huge wine list. That’s why you can always ask for their help and advice to make you choice.

We have done some music selection that will pleasantly accompany your celebration: jazz, blues, downtempo, light instrumental and electronic compositions.

Wonderful dishes
Splendid wine list

Homemade cuisine with nontrivial serving will please our guests with the variety of tastes and also bring beauty to the table. We have plenty of delightful dishes, such as: tuna tartare places on black chips, green salad with poached egg with some blue cheese and curry sauce, meat and cheese plates, ravioli stuffed with salmon, ricotta and cherry tomatoes, and many others for your enjoyment!

At Romeo’s you’ll find a splendid wine list consisting from the testiest wines. All of them nobly harmonize with dishes from the menu. There are more than 60 titles of red and white wines, apart from cocktails and strong alcohol beverages.

Making dreams come true
The own confectionery

We can not only treat you with our freshest bakery products but also create a unique delicious cake that will remain in your friends’ memory and will be a perfect conclusion of the celebration.

Closer to the history
Daydreams of Italy

Theatrical center of ST. Petersburg is rich in views. Here you can feel the spirit of Italian opera and architecture, and of course it brings you all those daydreams of Italy. Romeo’s is ready to turn into your guide to that gastronomic world where a dream of an original Italian restaurant in Russia becomes real.

In the house where Romeo’s is now taking place V. Zhukovsky used to live on 19th century. I. Turgenev, Viazemsky, N. Karamzin, I. Krylov often visited him. Later here used to live famous Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. All that brings that charm to the restaurant and gives you the feel of invisible connection with the history of our city.

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